Science of Golf

What is the Science of Golf?

Science of Golf combines the latest technologies with traditional hands-on learning in an immersive environment to communicate essential  STEM principles in an active, accessible way. Developed according to a comprehensive narrative that immerses visitors in golf’s rich history as well as the complexities of the physical and natural sciences at work in every tee, swing or putt, Science of Golf puts the action in your hands. The result is a balanced experience equally focused on scientific principles and cognitive and physical development.

The Experience

Following an introductory film that communicates the excitement of the sport and the combination of science, skill, and instinct required at every approach to the ball and the course, the Exhibition’s galleries familiarize visitors with the origins of golf and its equipment and lift the veil on the Physics that can make the difference between an average outing and a superstar.

Miniature golf and hands-on interactives throughout the experience allow visitors to see and feel the importance of force, velocity, trajectory, torque, wind speed, impact and gravity. With this basic understanding, visitors then graduate to a study of fluid dynamics and biomechanics, experiencing how these various forces come together on the course.

Immersive installations throughout the Exhibition bring golf’s STEM principles to life, including a sculptural display of golf’s greatest shots and scenic elements re-creating some of the sport’s most iconic locations. In these highly experiential environments, visitors can truly place themselves in the scene—evoking thrill in students and nostalgia in those who remember the moment.

In the Exhibition’s finale, visitors of all ages can experience the results of their new understanding by stepping into the most advanced golf  simulators on the market today. These simulators —used by pro golfers—reinforce the importance of the sport’s underlying scientific principles and offer visitors the chance to experience science at work on some of the world’s most iconic courses. Special features in some of the simulators  also allow visitors to experience how the ball reacts in extreme environments such as high winds or low gravity.

Want to know more?

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