Spy: The Secret World of Espionage

What is Spy?

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Featuring more than 300 artifacts, SPY parts the veil on the shadowy world of espionage, giving visitors the first real look at recently declassified CIA, FBI, NRO, MI-6, and KGB operations and introducing the spies behind the scenes who shaped the world we live in today.

Created with the guidance of real spies, SPY is organized into a series of immersive galleries that chronicle the stories behind world events played out on a secret stage from World War II to present day. World Politics, Spy Profiles, and Spy Science are showcased in a narrative that draws visitors ever deeper into once-secret stories rich in intrigue, civics, history, science, technology, and engineering.

SPY is an unprecedented exhibition developed through a collaboration between the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the National Reconnaissance Office, BASE Entertainment, and KRE8 360.

The Experience

Newly reformatted, SPY features numerous engaging interactives that draw visitors directly into the narrative and offer on-the-spot training to spy enthusiasts of all ages, including: sending visitors on their own personal mission, a journey through the Berlin Wall, the Art of the Dead Drop, hidden cameras, an escape through ductwork, bone conduction, laser eavesdropping, disguise, voice changing, and a challenging passage through the laser maze. At the exhibition’s conclusion, visitors are tested on their spy skills in the Operations Center where they can share their spy rank and security clearance via social media.

KRE8 360’s complete reconceptualization and total redesign of SPY were prepared for Base Entertainment’s SPY Exhibit. Images of this exhibit can be found throughout this website.

Check out the gallery...