From inspiration to implementation, our 360-degree approach provides each project with expert resources and decades of experience to bring your Vision to life.


Blue Sky Planning: Ideation

Your Vision is filled with possibilities. We work with you right from the start to ensure that your idea, brand, collection, or attraction gets all the attention and focus it deserves to set it up for every opportunity for success. We do this through interviews, intensive research, image sharing and focused charrettes.

Concept Writing

We turn your Vision into a written treatment in a way that not many can. Through our words, you can see the entire project and have powerful language for mission statements, illustration, and promotional purposes.

Design + Illustration

With clear goals established, we set marker to paper to create compelling atmospheric images of your immersive environments and collaborate with you to ensure that your vision is coming to life. We do this through mood boards, font selections, logo treatments, sketches, color illustrations and 2D and 3D models.

3D Modeling

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a good 3D model can save hundreds of thousands of dollars. We accurately model your design to double check that it will deliver the intended experience within the parameters. We can even create walk-throughs of the environments and place you there with Virtual Reality.

Content + Script Writing

Working with you and other subject experts, we get to the heart of the matter in terms of the content that will inform your guests. This text may become label copy, text panels, scripts for multimedia such as an Introductory Theater, Gallery Videos,  Audio Tours, or wireframes for Interactives. Whether your Vision leads with Experience or Education, we create the story that keeps guests enthralled and wanting more.

Graphic Design

Working with your vision, we create graphic design templates to serve print and media purposes. Our Graphic Production Artists then use these approved templates to create the final files for print production.

Lighting Design

Our world-class Lighting Designers gets involved early in the ideation phase and begins his planning to align with your vision. From single exhibits to entire buildings, they bring story, drama, magic and romance to every design.

Retail Design

Our Retail Designers treat retail as your immersive environment’s final gallery where function, flow, and product placement combine into a meaningful final impression. We also will work with you to select a retail vendor and integrate them into the overall process.

Building Design

Transforming your building or creating a new one? Our Architects, Engineers, Lighting Designers, Ideation Experts, Illustrators and 3D Modelers work with you to create the perfect expression of your public facing persona.

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Catalogue, Program Design

As the Project comes together, we also focus on the creation of the final experience catalogue or program. We design the catalogue and work with artisan and industrial off-set presses to get you the perfect blend of quality, quantity and price point. 

Schematic Design

A crucial, and often overlooked phase of many Projects, Schematic Design allows you to see how your selected illustrations will be built. This endures the design remains intact as the all-important budget is refined.

Media Development

Our Line Producer, Storyboard Artists, Video Editors, Animation Experts, Directors and Video Production Team turn every script into a compelling finished piece.

AV Integration

Our Audio-Visual Integrators select the right equipment for your budget and look closely at how it functions to create one complete ecosystem – including one-touch start up and remote system monitoring and of even the most involved systems.

Fabrication Management

We revel in the detail required to properly build immersive environments, and work with you to select the right fabricator for the job, then manage that process for you to make sure that what is created is of the best quality for traveling or permanent installations, and stays on budget.


Moving requires planning, and we excel at this. We manage materials, freight, pickup, delivery, venue coordination, and work with local permitting officials to verify that every element is in compliance.

Site Surveys

Knowing a venue’s or a building’s requirements is critical to implementation. Our Production Team takes detailed as-built measurements in order to accurately reflect the space in which your environment will be placed.

Installation and Removal

Very few companies have the depth and breadth of experience that we do when it comes to installation and removal. From the first truck pulling into the dock to opening events, we schedule and staff the entire process. Our core installation team has decades of experience, and we balance their skill sets with local labor per budgetary requirements.

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