About Our Bird Logo

When starting KRE8 360, we looked at our collective skill sets and said “what do we do?” and “what do we call it?”

Looking around the room, we said “we make things…we make a lot of things.” The name KRE8 360 came to life pretty quickly because, in the field of immersive environments and themed entertainment, we have pretty much been through it all – concept, treatment, storyboard, illustration, graphics, detailing, fabrication, installation, audio, video, temporary and permanent installations.

We wanted to come up with a logo that defined all of this. The egg represents the concept, the cage stands for building that concept and the bird flying away is a symbol of all of those details – little and big – that go into bringing about the final realization of the initial vision.

We’re really fond of this three part logo, but the embroidery rates would have sunk us before we started, so we opted for the simpler stamp icon instead, which also makes it easier to stencil our brand on all of gear.

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